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5 ways that technology can help make your events more interactive

Interactive technologies

Across the spectrum, events are becoming increasingly interactive – the Olympics saw some top brands delivering experiential events which really got the public involved.  The advent of social media has turned us all into active participants, sharing our experiences and thoughts throughout the day, which raises the bar to create memorable events which give reason for visitors to talk about and share what they’ve seen.  At DB Systems Group, we spend a lot of time helping clients devise ways to ensure their presence at an event generates interest and intrigue, by providing creative ways to make their content more compelling.  For my first blog, I thought I’d share with you my top 5 ways that technology can help make your events more participative.

 1.      Mobile Augmented reality

We’ve used AR on a number of projects to help bring a particular technology or product to life with informative animations and graphics which interact with the product and user.  Mobile AR is great for delivering extra info to visitor’s palms in an innovative way – it basically enables the user to see a particular product with additional animation and information overlaid on their screen as they point their mobile at it -totally transforming real-life static displays into fun experiences.  The bonus is if you create something memorable and funny enough visitors will want to share their interactions, helping to further spread the word about your event.  Check out this very clever example at a TED event: http://youtu.be/frrZbq2LpwI

 2.      Triggered technologies

You can have a lot of fun with this technology and it’s easy to implement, we’ve used it on exhibition stands and have had people queuing to come on the stand and “have a go”.  Triggers might include pressure sensors, movement, or the completion of a specific action.  For example, on an aerospace event standing in a specific spot triggered a “rumbling floor” along with a video to mimic the start of a jet engine – we could have added wind for even more authenticity!  Another example is responsive floors which changes scene as someone walks through it – for example walking across a winter wonderland, and the lighting and image change so that it becomes summer as you walk.

3.      Minority-report style touchscreens and holoscreens

Move over Minority Report, eat your heart out Tony Stark (Iron Man) – the interactive touchscreens that were until now confined to the movies are increasingly becoming possible and have a sexy slickness which will set your event apart.  Semi-transparent holoscreens have a particularly sci-fi feel to them, tapping into the uber-cool high tech world of comic book heroes.  They can be used to jazz up presentations and encourage visitors to interact and get involved – for example, you might project the schematic of a building onto a holoscreen which users can then delve into and pan-around, getting additional information by zooming in, swiping across, double-clicking.

4.      Interactive product reveals

The recent arrival on the market of the first truly see-through screens has provided a wealth of new opportunities for us to help clients sex-up their product reveals at events.  At one event, visitors were sent a USB stick and invited to bring it along and plug it in to see the latest launch of a new  technology product– plugging in the USB triggered a video animation sequence which culminated in a stunning product reveal in which the product suddenly appears in what had looked like a black box.  Data, animation or additional info can sit on the screens that encapsulate the product, but the product can still be totally visible behind.

5.      Interactive Projection mapping

Cars, buildings, lorries – palaces! – with clever projection mapping techniques you can create stunning visual effects.  The brilliant projection mapping of Buckingham Palace for the Queen’s Jubilee closely followed by an awesome execution as part of the Olympics Opening Ceremony has truly put this technology centre-stage.

It’s an incredibly powerful way of creating a real wow-factor for any event.  What you may not know is that this technology can be combined with infra-red sensors to make it interactive and responsive.  We’ve created some amazing projections which are, in part, triggered and controlled by a visitor’s movements – the speed and direction they walk past the projection controls the speed and direction of the video: so stunning acrobatic displays can be suspended mid-air as the visitor pauses, sped up or played backwards depending on their movements which visitors love to play with.

Oliver Richardson is Sales and Marketing Director at leading AV and IT Hire company DB Systems Group. For further information please visit www.dbsystems.co.uk or call + 44 (0)845 226 3083

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