Oliver Richardson


Oculus Rift: the ultimate immersive experience (or “Bambi on ice” if you’re standing up)


We had a real blast in the office earlier this year, getting our staff to try out the new virtual reality head-set, Oculus Rift.  Check out what happened here.    The OR headset is ripe for live events at the moment.  Not only has its recent facebook acquisition propelled it into mainstream recognition, but it’s still new enough and difficult enough to get hold of that it has a novelty factor.  Add to this the involuntary gasps, staggering, swaying and gawping of a user and you can see why, when it’s used in a live event environment it attracts a lot of interest.

Some of our clients have used the OR just for the pure novelty and entertainment factor, to have something cutting-edge and different on their stand.  Others have used it to give their customers a totally immersive 360 environment which reflects their brand values or core business.  For example, it can be used for medical training simulations, a high-octane test-drive of a car, courtside seats at a game, video conferencing, virtual tours of destinations or of new architectural spaces – the list goes on.  We can also combine it with motion control technology to enable the wearer to interact physically with their environment and touch virtual buttons which actually respond.  Facebook will undoubtedly bring something new to the technology and it will be interesting to see what we’ll be able to do with it over the next few years.

In the meantime, we can create custom content for the headset and so far we’ve completed some really interesting projects including a 3D journey inside a huge beating heart  – which we combined with sound-cancelling headphones making the sound and imagery really quite spooky!  We also created a virtual aircraft hanger allowing visitors to walk around the outside and inside of a plane.  We combined it with gesture-control technology which meant users could remove the “bonnet” – or whatever the technical aerospace word for this is – to look at the electronics and engines etc.  If you’re looking to create a bespoke, immersive environment for your next event, get in touch!

  • Jason Scott

    Great Blog ! And a title that pulled me in from the GO…well done !!

  • Neil Thompson

    Nice article Tom – One other good use of technology I was involved with recently was the use of touch-screen TVs for interactive scientific posters. It allowed much much delegate engagement with additional information and talking heads videos etc being available….definitely the way forward. Cheers, Neil


    Absolutely agree Tom, we have seen more and more events adopting tablet and smartphone technologies for polling, viewing webcasts and various other media formats during live events. Mintel reports said last year that, in early 2012, 67% of UK devices used to access the internet were Smartphone and tablet devices. DropBox has become a standard method of exchanging large files in the city. More people are not only using but expecting to access online virtual events through webcasting, webinars and social media functions, and outside of business and leisure events just look at modern universities and their uptake of online lectures. Enjoyed the article, excellent food for thought, Lauren.