Oliver Richardson


Post event blues

With Christmas well and truly over, the only remaining task – which continues to hang over our heads even now in mid January – is to get the kids to write their thank you cards.  It struck me yesterday after trying to excite my 6 year old daughter with the prospect of some glitter and fancy pens for the job that writing thankyous after the whirl and excitement and frenzy of Christmas and birthdays is a bit like following up post event and responding to leads and following up introductions.  Post event, and post Christmas, the glitz and glamour and excitement has all worn off.  The job is done.  Follow-up feels nothing short of tedious.  The threat that if you don’t get your thankyous off you might never get another present from Granny is pretty weak – everyone knows granny loves giving presents.

No harm done then if you neglect your thankyous, but half-hearted follow up to an event remains by all accounts incredibly common and is such a dreadful shame and waste.  Scribbled notes, half-remembered conversations, lightpen data that’s been downloaded but not incorporated into your CRM, follow-up notes that you’ve inherited from someone else and don’t make a jot of sense.  There’s no end of reasons why follow-up might not be as slick as it ought to be, but surely there’s no excuse for it anymore?   From registration-led offerings which enable you to scan badges, to the bespoke RFID systems we offer, there’s no shortage of solutions to help streamline this process.  I reckon if my daughter could take a photo of the label of each present as she opened it, on an ipad, and have it automatically create a thank you email tailored to that person and present to be sent out at the touch of a button, she’d bite my hand off!    With the pressure to prove Return on Investment greater than ever, it really surprises me that many of our clients are still using the 6- year olds approach of hoping they can remember which present was from who or digging paper from the bin to find the label.  Maybe 2015 will be the year all that changes?