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Personalising content in the live environment

Know thy customer.  It’s engraved in some stone-age monolith somewhere as the most basic maxim of marketing.  How can you possibly market a product if you don’t know who your customer is or what they want.

In today’s marketing ecosystem, there isn’t a marketing manager worth their salt who doesn’t understand their customers, the differentiations that separate them and the different marketing messages that will be required to resonate with each group.  And marketing segmentation and targeting is getting even more sophisticated – retailers don’t just know roughly which demographic their customers fit they now know exact purchasing habits, loyalties, weak spots, number of pets even personal hygiene problems as a result of retail loyalty cards.  Likewise, email marketing campaigns operate intelligently and pro-actively, capturing data on what we clicked on and using it for future targeting.

In the live environment however, where brands are seeking to attract customers from each of their segments, all of this sophisticated targeting goes out the window and they can only rely on their broader appeal, their multiple attributes to engage and entice.

This has less impact on consumer brands which are looking to develop an emotional connection through a relatively static set of values – or who focus their campaign on a specific product line and demographic target.  But for B2B brands who, in our experience, often use the live environment to interact with their customers across a range of product lines or sub-brands – particularly at exhibitions – it means generic catch-all marketing messages which just don’t resonate and draw people in.

A personalised content solution

In response to these frustrations, we built brandWallet which uses an RFID tag incorporating demographic information.  This can be used to tailor the information a visitor sees to fit their profile at information screens as they tap around an exhibit- so for example the language displayed would automatically be in their mother-tongue, the products shown would be those selected to be most relevant to their profile, the information might reflect whether they will require detailed scientific data on a product or a high-level marketing perspective.   It’s a very clever and unobtrusive system which is going down a storm with agencies.

The customer gets immediately to areas of interest, and they can easily email themselves brochures and information, by adding it to their “digital rucksack”.  Meanwhile the brand collects detailed information on which customer looked at which products, for how long, what they looked at next and so forth which gives invaluable marketing and R&D insight and also enables them to benchmark against other events and measure ROI.   It basically equips the brand with the intelligent targeting they do in direct mail and email campaigns, but in real-time for live events.  This is transformative as it enables the brands to play to their best hand of cards every time. Essentially, brandWallet makes live marketing more intelligent – instead of showcasing a wide range of products in which the few that the customer might be interested in is diluted, it enables the brand to pre-identify that a customer with x and y attributes should be shown x and y products, which makes the customer feel valued and understood and open to learning more. With the overwhelming amount of buzz and information at live events, getting to the heart of what your customer wants to learn about quickly and matching their needs with solutions couldn’t be more important.

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