Oliver Richardson


Technology is at the heart of immersive experiences

Oliver Richardson from DB Systems discusses the use of technology in immersive experiences, including how it should feature at the beginning of the campaign conversation.

We often get asked for help by both clients and agencies looking to create immersive experiences on their exhibition stands. However, it’s not unusual for the stand design to already have been finalised, and for the space that’s been allocated for such an experience to already be pre-imagined.

It doesn’t always matter – we’re used to working in a whole range of different environments and responding to different challenges in terms of how to make the audio-visual elements of a stand really impressive. But, recently, our team worked on an event at ICE – one of the world’s leading gambling shows, taking place each year at Excel in London – and what a breath of fresh air it was.

One of the exhibitors, betting technology company Kambi approached us to help them design an environment which would transport their visitors from the show floor into a premium sanctuary of calm, an oasis of refuge from the show floor, where the change in environment would make their message more impactful.

Because the audio and visual elements of the stand took precedence in Kambi’s vision of how the stand space would immerse visitors in the experience, they involved us from the outset instead of designing the stand first and then approaching us to determine which AV elements might be required – and what a difference that can make.

Suddenly, instead of having to compromise on technology or screen size, or work around impracticalities in the stand design, or fit a 60-inch screen where an 80-inch would have been more effective but the aperture was already fabricated – we were able to help create a stand from scratch that would be the most effective it could be at creating an environment, in leveraging the power of sound and video, in creating something truly powerful and impactful – and ultimately, truly immersive.

When you talk about immersive experiences, you’re actually talking about technology. You’re talking about altering senses, seeming to surround, being completely involved in something – audio and visual technologies offer brilliant opportunities to do just that. So if the word immersive features in your next project make sure you start with a conversation about what you’re trying to create and how technology will help achieve it most effectively and work up from there rather than dropping the technology over the design as a finishing touch.

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