Oliver Richardson


Delivering content enigmatically

In our modern, high-tech world the brochure has long been a dying breed. It still has a place, but increasingly events deliver follow-up information electronically.  Digital marketing materials have a number of key benefits – they are instantly available and retrievable by search, they can be automatically tailored – for example by language or to only include the elements you’re interested in and they can be more easily shared.

Finding new ways to serve up content

The new challenge is that brands need a way to deliver this information that stands out from the crowd. If, at an exhibition, you promise to follow-up with a brochure and email it on afterwards, it could easily get lost and confused with all the other follow up material they’re going to receive.  So, having built a software solution some years ago – ecoXpress –  which enabled brands to digitally store and present their entire marketing library on interactive tablets and touchscreens, we’re now increasingly being asked to come up with more interesting and enigmatic ways to deliver the content.  The objective being to both make a visitor’s interactions on the stand more interesting, and also to create a connection, an experience which is memorable so that a follow-up triggers the memory of that experience.

Using content triggers, gamification and social media

There’s lots of different ways to make content delivery a bit more interesting, and we’ve recently been doing a lot of work with brands in creating interesting content triggers. For example, we’ve used RFiD object recognition which means visitors select a physical object – a product for example- and place it on an RFiD reader plinth to trigger more information about that product, making the content delivery more interactive and visual.  Combined with interactive, transparent touchscreens you can create an Iron Man-esque experience which really puts the visitor centre-stage and in control of the information they’re pulling up.  We’ve also used Gamification to trigger content – for example we’ve created a fully branded racing game, where visitors race around a track, which is peppered with the brands own imagery and styling – logos, products, their trademark colours etc.  At specific points they “drive into” a question – perhaps about the product to get a sense of how well visitor’s know the brand, or perhaps about their own needs, to start a conversation later about their business objectives.  We can make it competitive by adding lap times and a leaderboard – getting people to return and have another go.  Social media integration pushes out visibility of the leaderboard, upping the ante and amplifying the brands activities far beyond the show.

Enticing product reveals

Another solution which is really popular is our SmartWindows showcase. SmartWindows is basically a product showcase box, with a transparent touchscreen to the front.  This means you can create content on the screen which makes the product behind it invisible, then gradually and enticingly “reveal” the product behind.  This is really powerful for brands with products which aren’t in themselves visually interesting and are therefore difficult to “exhibit”, but which have a really strong story to tell.  The screen can start off blacked-out, and we can use video or animation to pique visitors interest and then start a process of unveiling the product.  Once revealed, the product can have annotations on the screen which are interactive, so visitors can delve in and learn more.  We’ve lots more ideas for how to make more impact with your content – get in touch www.dbpixelhouse.co.uk to find out more

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