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Technology is at the heart of immersive experiences

Oliver Richardson from DB Systems discusses the use of technology in immersive experiences, including how it should feature at the beginning of the campaign conversation.

We often get asked for help by both clients and agencies looking to create immersive experiences on their exhibition stands. However, it’s not unusual for the stand design to already have been finalised, and for the space that’s been allocated for such an experience to already be pre-imagined.

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Trends in event technology for 2016

Oliver Richardson from DB Systems takes a look at what we can expect from event technology in the year ahead.

It’s that time of year again when we’re compelled to take a helicopter-view of the year ahead and question what’s in store. Here’s an overview of the event technology landscape, from our resident tech geeks at DB Systems HQ:

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Technology as a facilitator

Oliver Richardson from DB Systems says it’s common for brands and agencies to make the mistake of letting technology lead the event, rather than have it complement the activity.

As leaders in event technology, we often get approached by brands or agencies looking to use a particular piece of technology at their next event. Often they’ve seen something in the news about how it’s the next big thing, and they want to position themselves ahead of the game and demonstrate their superior tech-savviness by making use of it in a live environment.

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Is 2015 the year of the cashless event?

2015 was tipped to be the year of the cashless event in the UK (admittedly, mainly by the PR machine of the suppliers producing the RFID solutions which make it possible).  Last year, several of the big US festivals, including Coachella and Lollapalooza, introduced cashless payments using the RFID entry wristbands, which have been a mainstay of festivals now for some time. This year in the UK, Download was one of the first to try it, with mixed results. They made it compulsory but the system buckled under the weight of users and party-goers were frustrated to be unable to buy anything, with no contingencies in place to revert to cash. Inevitably, they took to Twitter to share their pain and negative tweets ricocheted across the networks.

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Personalising content in the live environment

Know thy customer.  It’s engraved in some stone-age monolith somewhere as the most basic maxim of marketing.  How can you possibly market a product if you don’t know who your customer is or what they want.

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Capturing data without a goldfish

The ubiquitous goldfish bowl for business cards remains a staple ingredient of many events, from conferences and meetings to exhibitions and brand experiences.  Despite being accompanied by an incentive to win a bottle of champagne or an ipad, I am always surprised that anyone would add their card to the bowl knowing that they will be automatically subscribed to generalised marketing messages.  Increasingly, we protect ourselves from unwanted marketing messages by being cautious about what we exchange our details for and, more often than not, the “maybe” of a raffle isn’t going to cut it.  Marketing tactics have evolved from “push” to “pull” in recent years and I think there are lots more interesting and meaningful ways in a live environment to hook interest.

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Bandwidth consumption at events on the rise

Having recently installed and then pulled-out the Connectivity Infrastructure at Farnborough International Airshow, which at over 1000 acres is, we believe, Europe’s largest temporary network, I was struck by how quickly Connectivity technology has developed to become a business critical component of events.

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Oculus Rift: the ultimate immersive experience (or “Bambi on ice” if you’re standing up)


We had a real blast in the office earlier this year, getting our staff to try out the new virtual reality head-set, Oculus Rift.  Check out what happened here.    The OR headset is ripe for live events at the moment.  Not only has its recent facebook acquisition propelled it into mainstream recognition, but it’s still new enough and difficult enough to get hold of that it has a novelty factor.  Add to this the involuntary gasps, staggering, swaying and gawping of a user and you can see why, when it’s used in a live event environment it attracts a lot of interest.

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As if by magic: introducting advanced motion-controlled technology to the events industry

Looking to the future

Todays’ generation take for granted the ability to navigate and control their computers with a mouse, but it’s not so long ago that computers were in monochrome, filled an entire desk and were controlled only by a keyboard and combinations of F keys.  With the rapid rise in mobile working, touchscreen technology, motion-control, voice-control and innovations like google glass, tomorrows’ generation may soon unshackle themselves from their computer desk enslavement and become truly mobile workers, the desktop consigned to the history books.

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5 ways that technology can help make your events more interactive

Interactive technologies

Across the spectrum, events are becoming increasingly interactive – the Olympics saw some top brands delivering experiential events which really got the public involved.  The advent of social media has turned us all into active participants, sharing our experiences and thoughts throughout the day, which raises the bar to create memorable events which give reason for visitors to talk about and share what they’ve seen.  At DB Systems Group, we spend a lot of time helping clients devise ways to ensure their presence at an event generates interest and intrigue, by providing creative ways to make their content more compelling.  For my first blog, I thought I’d share with you my top 5 ways that technology can help make your events more participative.

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